When it comes to using your free time wisely then the one thing that will come to your mind is watching favorite movies with all your loved ones enjoying the movie together. Watching movies and watch series online are old trend, but calculating the cost of the watching your favorite movies in the theater are really not practical. So the other way is movies download on your device and watch it anytime you want because while streaming online you may face many issues like website is down or server not showing the movie and much more. So the best way possible is to download and keep all your favorite movies on your device and then stream any of them whenever you want.

here we are going to share about the Filmywap website from where you can download movies for free on your device and watch it offline. In this website you will be able to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free and safely. So here we are going to review the website and also share you about the procedures that you need to follow if you want to download any movies from this Filmywap, which is the best movie downloading website.

Whats New in Filmywap Website:

As you have already known that Filmywap is a movie downloading website and it was released long back in the world of internet. If you are a Filmywap website user from long back then you will know that the new update of the website in 2018 have changed many things from the website and many new interesting features are added in the website.

The latest major features that are added in the website are Hollywood dubbed movies in Hindi. This category is specially made and targeted to the Indian visitor, so in this category you will find all those movies from the websites database that are dubbed in Hindi. There are huge collections of Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi in this website and the best part is that you will find mostly 5.1 channels dubbed Hollywood movies. In most of the website yow will also find Hindi dubbed movies but you will mostly find 2.1 channel audio which is of lower quality.

With the Hollywood dubbed Hindi movies features, there is also another feature that is added in this website that is the Latest English TV series. Yes, you will be able to stream or download your favorite latest English TV series on your device and watch it offline whenever you want. So you can now download all those popular TV series like A.P. Bio season 1, the new legends of Monkey and much more. This feature has more than 196 pages of TV series, which means there are bundles of English TV series that you would love to watch offline.

These are all the major categories that are added in the Filmywap 2018 new update of the website. The categories are really helpful for all the movies and TV series lover, as you can simply click on the new category and download your favorite Hindi Dubbed movies or your favorite English TV series. As you have known about the major new categories added in this website, now let’s have a look at the features of the new website.

Features of The New Filmywap To Download Hollywood Movies in Hindi:

  • The interface and layout have made very simple, so that even if the newbie landed in the homepage able to understand all the categories properly.
  • You will get all the latest Hollywood movies, as soon as the movies are released in cinemas. Which means you can easily enjoy the movies that are recently released sitting from your home from this website.
  • There are options to select genre of the movie and sort the websites movie collection and get your favorite genre movie in the list.
  • The best feature of this website is that you can even select movies country wise. There are lots of country options, so simply select the country and you will get all the movies list of that country to download on your device.
  • Whenever you click any category in this website and get the results, you will see that every movie has a live review above them saying “some percentage people like this”. So you can simply select those movies to download which have got more percentage of likes.
  • On clicking on any movie poster you will get to know almost everything about the movie like the duration, category, genre, cast, ratings, summary and much more.
  • The intensity of annoying popup ads have been decreased from before, which is also one of the major chances that the website has done.
  • This website also has its own app which you can download on your mobile phone for free and download movies directly from the application.

Flimywap 2018 that you will really love to use. All of these features are not premium and they really will help you in downloading the best movies with all those ratings and reviews. These is all about the new features of the Filmywap website, now let’s have a look at the ways you can download movies from this website.

How To Download Hindi Dubbed Movies From Filmywap

Here below are the ways to download movies from Filmywap 2018 website for free that you would need to follow. The steps are simple and easy, so simply follow whatever is written in the steps.

  1. Simply click on the categories from the website that you are interested to. Now you will find a list of movies or TV series in your desktop screen.
  2. Click the movies / TV series that you want to download on your device storage and watch it later.
  3. As soon as you click it will take you to different page where you will get all the movie details like duration, cast much more.
  4. Scroll down and you will get 3 download links. One is for Fast download 720p, Download for PC 720 and the last comes download for mobile 360p.
  5. So simply select the Download for PC option if you are downloading for your PC and the movie will get automatically downloaded on your PC for free.
  6. Or if you are downloading for mobile phones then you can select the Download for mobile phone, the size of the movie will be less but the quality is really good.


Here we have shared about the new categories that are added in the website i.e. the Hollywood dubbed movies and latest English TV series. Also we have shared lot about the new features that are added in the website in the new update of 2018 and we have also talked about the download steps. Now as you know everything about all the new features and categories, you will be able to use or surf the website more effectively using all these features. So this is all about the new update of the Filmywap website, share your thoughts about the new features and categories update of this website below in the comment section.

By kushal